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Destroy material or wipe sensitive information?

How do you handle sensitive information in the best way when you no longer need it? Should you settle for just deleting the information itself, or should you also destroy the physical materials?

Personal data, confidential information or trade secrets – many businesses need to regularly review how they handle their data, especially since the introduction of the GDPR. You may also need to manage your IT hardware and either wipe and reuse or destroy computers, hard drives, and other storage devices. Sensitive information must not fall into the wrong hands. 

When it comes to disposing of sensitive digital information and hardware, you can either wipe it from hard drives or computers, for example, and by doing so recycle/reuse expensive technical equipment, or you can destroy the entire device containing the information. Whatever option you choose, it’s important to handle this safely. We can help you assess the most appropriate option for your sensitive information, and then handle it as agreed.

Wiping sensitive digital information

Sensitive information stored on digital devices can be wiped. Processes differ depending on the type of device, sometimes demagnetization is used, and sometimes special software. The purpose is always the same, i.e. that all information is wiped completely and that the physical materials are then recycled or reused in a way that best suits the respective device or material. In case of demagnetization, the physical device is destroyed and the material can then be recycled. If deletion software is used, the physical device can be reused as it is. We decide together what best suits your situation and business.

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Destroy physical materials containing sensitive information  

If you don't want to keep your IT hardware you can destroy it completely. To destroy storage media, you can first demagnetize the device or wipe all the data, and then destroy it. Laptops or hard drives, for example, which are ground in a mill so that the physical material is also shredded and cannot be recreated. The only thing left is fragmented material of various kinds, which we then recycle.  

Recycling of electronic equipment 

If you no longer need your electronic equipment, we can collect end-of-life electronic devices and reuse/recycle them in a way that benefits both your business and the environment. We take in the equipment, wipe the data on it in a fully traceable process, check which part can be resold, and take care of the sale. We handle a wide range of electronic waste, including used processors, SSD storage devices, hard drives, laptops, tablets, monitors, and mobile phones. 

Circular model

All electronic waste is collected and transported safely to our circular electronics department at the Stena Nordic Recycling Center – one of Europe’s leading recycling facilities. Here, all the used electronic products we collect are subject to a manual check by our experts. 

Following rigorous safety checks, all sensitive and confidential information is safely wiped and the product or its components are resold for recycling. All recyclable electronic products are recycled, while all hazardous materials are disposed of safely.

Would you like to talk to one of our experts about the recycling potential of your digital devices, regardless of type and quantity?

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