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Secure destruction and sustainable disposal of confidential materials

Secure and traceable destruction in leading edge circularity. We collect and dispose of your sensitive materials until the information is completely deleted and the physical material is recycled and processed. We are experts in security and create solutions based on the needs of your business. Our well-established logistics solutions help reduce CO2 emissions. Secure, traceable and circular.

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Secure collection and transport

Secure collection and transport are a crucial part of the disposal of confidential documents and electronics containing sensitive data.
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Traceable destruction

Security and traceability are top priorities when you entrust us with disposing of your confidential information.
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How we contribute to a circular economy

Every step of the process, from collection to destruction to reuse, is carefully monitored. At Stena Confidential, we work together with you to actively contribute to a circular economy.
Shredded paper

Secure destruction of sensitive documents

Reassurance in protecting customer records and patient records from unwanted access and recreation.

Do you need to dispose of documents containing sensitive data or manage papers with confidential content? Our secure paper destruction offers a reliable solution that guarantees that your material will not end up in the wrong hands and cannot be recreated.

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Secure erasure of electronic storage media

Guaranteed deletion and destruction to ensure that your electronic storage media are handled securely and no sensitive data remains.

We offer a secure solution for your business to examine and safely dispose of all IT equipment. Due to our destruction, all data becomes impossible to recreate, which ensures the protected processing of your digital assets.

Shredded clothes

Destruction of products and other materials

Efficient disposal of confidential waste such as uniforms, textiles, robots and prototypes is essential to protect the company’s intellectual property and prevent unwanted dissemination of information.

Do you have consignments, textiles or uniforms that are no longer being used? Do you need to dispose of proprietary material or products that are classified as confidential? Stena Confidential offers secure and reliable solutions for the permanent destruction of such materials.

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What you need to know about sensitive data

All organizations have various types of sensitive material.

This often involves personal data and business-critical information. As you are aware, the loss or misuse of such information could have major financial consequences. In addition, it can damage trust in your company. Our mission is to prevent this from happening, ever.

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A career at Stena Confidential

We work to create safe solutions and contribute to a sustainable future.

Are you interested in security and sustainable business? Do you want to work for a company where we value each other, our customers, our resources and society. Then Stena Confidential is the perfect workplace for you. We can provide you with development opportunities and the chance to grow in your career, as we prioritize investing in our employees.