A pile of shredded confidential material
What we offer

Why Stena Confidential?

A Stena Confidential employee putting paper into a container

How we work

Safe collection

We deliver a secure container. When the container is full, it is replaced with an empty one by our safety-certified drivers. We offer collection according to a planned schedule or when you contact us. Choose the method that suits you best.

Traceable destruction

We ensure that information is destroyed completely. This takes place either on site in our destruction vehicle or at the nearest facility. We then issue a certificate of destruction to guarantee traceability throughout the entire process.


Sensitive information must be destroyed, but the physical materials have to be reused. Resources are finite and we cannot afford to let them go to waste. We ensure that all wiped materials are taken care of in the best possible way.

We recycle, refine and reuse

to ensure that the potential of each used material is exploited in the best possible way to reduce the strain on our finite natural resources.

We simply make sure that no confidential matters or materials leave any unwanted traces.

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