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About us

About Stena Confidential

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A solution for everyone

When it comes to secrets, it doesn't matter to us whether they are big or small – they are all treated with the same high level of security. Nor does it matter how much material is involved; we take care of every item with the utmost security and discretion. Simply put: We protect the confidentiality of you and your products, regardless of the size of your company and its secrets, or amount of sensitive waste.

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Tailored to your requirements

We can assist all businesses and organizations, from small shops to multinational industries, government authorities, and state agencies. The solution is always tailored to your various needs and requirements, with flexible and secure methods. For example, companies and entities with nationwide operations can receive a solution for the entire organization. This is advantageous for the development of group-wide confidentiality and security procedures, as well as for planning and adaptation for potential environmental certification.

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Part of Stena Metall Group

We are a part of the Swedish-based Stena Metall Group, with seven business areas and operations at more than 200 locations in nine countries.

Through research and development, Stena Metall is working to meet the challenges of the future with new, sustainable solutions. The group’s 3,600 employees collaborate closely with partners and customers to create business value while positively impacting the environment and society.

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