Computers to be reused by Stena Recycling
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How we contribute to a circular economy

New lease of life through recycling 

When reuse is not relevant, for example when it comes to old or broken computers, we make sure that the different materials are recycled. Computers, phones and tablets contain precious metals that, with the right methods, can be given a new lease of life in new products. The same applies to plastic, which can become a raw material for new plastic products. Through its partnership with Stena Recycling, Stena Confidential has access to advanced processes with a very high recycling rate.  

We also endeavor to recycle paper as much as possible. Recycling paper saves not only trees, but also other resources, and saves energy that would otherwise be used when new paper is made from raw wood material.  

Energy recovery generates heat and electricity

Paper fibers can only be recycled a limited number of times, and some plastics and other materials are not suitable at all for recycling into new materials. In this case, energy recovery is a good option. Paper and plastic contain valuable energy and can therefore be used in thermal power plants that generate electricity and district heating for households and industries. Today’s modern incineration plants have highly advanced flue gas cleaning. They are also subject to strict environmental legislation and regulatory control. Energy recovery by incinerating waste is therefore a good option, especially compared to the incineration of fossil raw materials such as coal and oil.  

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