Man with cap holding a confidential waste container with a truck in the background
What we offer

Safe collection and transport of your confidential material

Safe transport using custom-built trucks 

Our trucks are equipped with advanced safety measures to ensure that your confidential waste reaches its destination without risk. Special equipment and alarms are used to maintain safety throughout the transport process. We use a digital tracking system to track each confidential waste container all the way from your premises to our facilities. 

Peace of mind on account of safety-certified staff

Our safety-certified staff are the key to safe handling from collection to destruction.

Each individual has:

signed a confidentiality agreement

Each individual has:

Completed safety training

Each individual has:

been checked through country specific police register and other enforcement authorities register

To sum up: Thanks to our dedicated and certified staff, and carefully considered safety measures, you can rest assured that collection and transport is carried out in the best possible way, and that we ensure the integrity of your confidential material.

How we destroy your confidential material 

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