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What is sensitive data?

Why you need to comply with GDPR

You strengthen your customers’ rights regarding the processing of personal data

You avoid the risk of significant fines

You have a competitive advantage when you can demonstrate compliance

It is worthwhile to have a secure procedure for how to dispose of confidential paper and storage media, destroy hard drives and manage secure document destruction. Personal data should not end up in the wrong hands as it can harm your business. There is only one way to make sure your secrets stay secret – by completely destroying them.

At Stena Confidential, we can help you dispose of sensitive data in various ways, regardless of your needs.  

Benefit from our services

Man with cap holding a container for confidential waste with a truck in the background

Secure collection and transport

Secure collection and transport are a crucial part of the disposal of confidential documents and electronics containing sensitive data.
A Stena Confidential employee disposing of electronic materials

Traceable destruction

Security and traceability are top priorities when you entrust us with disposing of your confidential information.
Computers to be reused by Stena Recycling

How we contribute to a circular economy

Every step of the process, from collection to destruction to reuse, is carefully monitored. At Stena Confidential, we work together with you to actively contribute to a circular economy.

Weak spots in traditional document management

Disposing of documents in an ordinary waste basket or ordinary trash bags increases the risk of confidential information being disclosed. Here are three areas which may result in disclosure of sensitive information.

Waste baskets

If documents containing sensitive information end up in waste baskets or unlocked garbage rooms, there is a risk that people who are not authorized to view sensitive information will get access to it.


Recycling companies which do not offer confidential waste disposal services load intact, unredacted documents for transport. This gives unauthorized persons the opportunity to access sensitive data.

Sorting systems

At facilities that are not subject to high security requirements, employees and volunteers can read, share and steal sensitive data while performing sorting work.

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