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Destruction of products and other materials

Lock on Stena Confidential’s confidential waste container

Do you need to dispose of products safely? 

At Stena Confidential, we can handle the confidentiality of your products safely – regardless of their size, volume or material. We can destroy your products completely and safely, and it will not be possible to recreate them. 

Talk to us and we’ll discuss the right solution for you. We have complete solutions to ensure you get the safest handling on the market.  

Safe transport and traceable destruction

Depending on your needs, we can collect your products and pack them in secure containers, and with the help of safe transport we transport them to one of our branches. We destroy your products there, but in some cases we can also use our mobile destruction systems.  

The process is automated involving the wiping of any storage media, and crushing and grinding. You will receive a certificate of destruction guaranteeing that everything has been completely destroyed and is impossible to restore once we have finished our job.  

Your confidential material is then recycled and reentered into the circular cycle. This means you are helping to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. 

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