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Destroy or delete sensitive data? 

Destroy material containing sensitive data  

If you don't want to keep your IT equipment, you can go one step further and destroy the equipment completely. Destruction of electronic storage media involves erasing all data through degaussing or by other means, and then destroying the physical equipment. For example, shredding of laptops or hard drives destroys the physical material so that it cannot be recreated. The only thing left is fragmented material of various kinds, which we then recycle. This method of destruction of digital material and equipment is 100% secure and we also offer video surveillance of the process. 

The equivalent means of destroying paper and documents is to run the paper through a document shredder where your documents are shredded and cannot be recreated.  

Recycling of electronic equipment

If you no longer need your electronic equipment, we can collect the old electronics and recycle it in a way that benefits both your business and the environment. We collect the equipment, empty it in a fully traceable process, check which parts can be resold and manage the sales process. We handle a wide range of electronic waste, including used processors, SSD storage devices, hard drives, laptops, tablets, monitors and cellphones. 

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Circular model  

All electronic waste is collected and transported safely to our circular electronics department at Stena Nordic Recycling Center – one of Europe’s leading recycling facilities. Here, all the used electronic products we collect are checked manually by our experts. 

After rigorous security checks, all sensitive and confidential information is securely erased and the product or its components are resold for recycling. All recyclable electronic products are recycled, while all hazardous materials are disposed of safely.

Whatever electronic products you have used, whatever the quantity, contact us and let’s look at the potential for recycling together.

Benefit from our services

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Secure collection and transport

Secure collection and transport are a crucial part of the disposal of confidential documents and electronics containing sensitive data.
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Traceable destruction

Security and traceability are top priorities when you entrust us with disposing of your confidential information.
Computers to be reused by Stena Recycling

How we contribute to a circular economy

Every step of the process, from collection to destruction to reuse, is carefully monitored. At Stena Confidential, we work together with you to actively contribute to a circular economy.
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